What the BlueParq users say after testing the software

Jürgen Heyer 

Once a user has been able to use the software to enhance their PowerShell programming experience, the BlueParq studio, a powerful editor will definitely make programming easier at a low annual subscription price.

BlueParq makes automating with PowerShell easier, faster and more fun!

Design your admin and automation tasks

intuitively and visually without the need to

write scripts or see any code.


Learn PowerShell by creating scripts intuitively

and visually in BlueParq!


Includes an intelligent script editor, where you

can write your PowerShell scripts with



Add your own PowerShell scripts to the

BlueParq editor and convert them into a visual



Easily documenting and sharing your work.



No more endlessly Googling for PowerShell script examples... and then wondering if they do the job :)

Reasons you will like BlueParq:

You can easily make stunning PowerShell scripts for any Windows task (even if you don’t like to script or code).


Be part of the worldwide BlueParq Community and exchange visual PowerShell scripts.


Become an amazing PowerShell Hero in no time and improve your PowerShell and automating skills fast.


More product features

Reasons your manager will like BlueParq

You’ll build PowerShell scripts at least twice as fast.


You’ll save your company time and money – and minimize mistakes.


You’ll be a PowerShell Hero in no time!


More product features

Be ahead of the game and become one of BlueParq PowerShell Heroes!

Make the most stunning PowerShell scripts easily

Contribute your own work and enjoy validated work by others.

Let’s build a community of PowerShell Heroes

I believe we can really take automating with PowerShell to the next level. 
How? By working together, and sharing BlueParq BluePrints. 
BluePrints are intuitively designed PowerShell scripts or parts of scripts that are shareable, transferable and tested by us on accuracy.’ 

Daniel Nikolic, CTO



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