Write your own PowerShell scripts faster with BlueParq Editor

BlueParq Intelligent Editor for PowerShell pros - with IntelliSense

Write your own PowerShell scripts using the BlueParq Editor with IntelliSense.

Use all kinds of code editing features including: code completion, parameter info, etc.

BlueParq recognizes what you are working on and will help you complete your task.

What can you expect from our Intelligent Editor?

Tired of endlessly Googling for PowerShell scripts?

Just intuitively build your own PowerShell scripts without seeing code

BlueParq makes it possible to visually design your own stunning PowerShell scripts.

You don't have to see any code or even know much about scripting. Just use the visual 'building blocks'.

Intuitively automate all sorts of recurrent tasks in Windows: active directory, renaming files etc.

Want to see what the BlueParq Canvas looks like?

Find the scripts you need in the BlueParq Square

No more endlessly copying, pasting and debugging your PowerShell scripts

Find and share BluePrints and exchange knowledge with other users in BlueParq Square.

BluePrints are PowerShell scripts and codes built in BlueParq - either intuitively or in the Intelligent Editor.

Browse BlueParq Square, add BluePrints and be part of a worldwide community of IT pros.

Like to see the BlueParq Square design?

BlueParq saves you time and money

Endlessly searching for PowerShell script examples and copying, pasting and debugging them takes too much time.

That’s why we developed BlueParq.

Beautiful intuitively-built scripts that are easy to read, share and transfer.


Includes a PowerShell Script Editor with IntelliSense

for PowerShell pros.


Make the best scripts easily for all your company’s automation needs and requirements.

Be ahead of the game and become one of BlueParq PowerShell Heroes!

Contribute your own work and enjoy validated work by others.

BlueParq is a new and innovative PowerShell scripting tool

Automate every admin task easily with PowerShell and BlueParq

You don’t have to write PowerShell scripts or see any code.


You can share and find (parts of) PowerShell-scripts, that are checked for accuracy.


And you’ll have access to an intelligent script editor if you do wish to write the scripts yourself.



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