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Automate more intuitively in PowerShell

We are a group of Dutch software developers. We simply love automation and we’ve been big fans of Windows PowerShell right from the start.

But we also believe that automating with PowerShell

should be easier and faster. And more fun. That’s why we

are making it possible to intuitively automate your admin tasks in PowerShell.

Build PowerShell With BlueParq fast, easy and with a lot of fun!
BlueParq Bob without BlueParq

How we came up with the idea for BlueParq


It all started when our CTO Daniel Nikolic was working for a client who suffered when an angry ex-employee deleted all the Exchange Databases (and the Veeam Backup). One of the system administrators said he would write a script in Windows PowerShell to solve the problem and to prevent it from happening ever again.


Daniel watched the system administrator work on the task automation. He would look for scripts on the internet - copying, pasting and debugging, over and over again. It took him ages to finally finish the job.

That’s how Daniel came up with the idea for BlueParq. Automating with PowerShell should be a ‘walk in the park’, he said.


Instead of writing scripts - which is a pretty difficult job sometimes - or copying and pasting different parts of scripts together, people should be able to just intuitively design them without seeing any code.


Instead of delivering non-transferable and messy code, people should be able to make and find valuable BluePrints - intuitively designed PowerShell scripts that are easily shareable and transferable and that do what they’re meant to do.

Build PowerShell scripts with BlueParq should be a walk in the park
BlueParq made Bob's life easy

We are striving to expand our community globally. Together, we can assemble and exchange the best BlueParq BluePrints, and take automation with Windows PowerShell to the next level.


Join us

BlueParq BV, part of the NiiN Group, is a Dutch-founded corporation. Our guiding principle is that technology must always serve people, not the other way around. We’re very serious when it comes to offering great software, but - like Bob - we also like having a lot of fun.

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