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Become a BlueParq PowerShell Hero!

BlueParq is a new and innovative PowerShell scripting tool for system administrators and other IT professionals. Our software makes automating with Windows PowerShell easier, faster and more fun.


Why become a BlueParq PowerShell Hero?


You will have the ability to build your own PowerShell scripts intuitively with seeing any codes by using the visual ‘building blocks'.  You will create PowerShell scripts at least twice as fast than usual and you’ll save your company time and money – and minimize mistakes.


Who can become a BlueParq PowerShell Hero?


Any enthusiastic and innovative sysadmin or IT pro that likes working with PowerShell or who would like to automate more easily and/or better with PowerShell.

BlueParq Bob the PowerShell hero

Become a BlueParq Life Time Hero

The benefits of being a BlueParq Life Time Hero

BlueParq be a PowerShell hero
Save your time and money with automating your PowerShell tasks in lueParq
BlueParq be a PowerShell hero

Pay only one time and use BlueParq software for the rest of your life.

Reducing your time (which is money) with automating your tasks in BlueParq as lang as you wish.


Design your PowerShell scripts Intuitively  without the need to see code as lang as you want.

Access to the BlueParq Intelligent Editor to easily write your own scripts. And more…

BlueParq Bob to the rescue
BlueParq be a PowerShell hero

How can you help make BlueParq the best PowerShell scripting tool?

BlueParq be a PowerShell hero
BlueParq be a PowerShell hero

Add your own scripts built in BlueParq to BlueParq Square and have them checked by us for accuracy. Help build the BlueParq community for your own and everyone else’s benefit.

Help us by suggesting feature requests and let us know if any bugs need to be fixed or functionalities need to be improved.

Sharing is caring with the BlueParq Square

Have we answered all your questions?

Extra bonus for or BlueParq Life Time PowerShell heroes
BlueParq made Bob's life easy

An extra bonus for our BlueParq Life Time Heroes

You’ll get our immense gratitude, and to show our gratitude, you will receive a very cool BlueParq PowerShell Hero T-shirt.

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