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BlueParq officially released its 1.0 version

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

A new and innovative PowerShell scripting tool that makes it possible to visually design, stunning PowerShell scripts, without seeing any code!

Zoetermeer, April 26, 2018 – BlueParq a new and innovative PowerShell scripting tool for system administrators and other IT professionals, today announces its official release. The official release includes a 14 days Free Trial that allows the IT professionals to experience how to visually design stunning PowerShell scripts, without seeing any code. A cost effective and time efficient product that saves time and money and minimize the mistakes.

The highlights of the software are:

  • BlueParq Designer: the users can create scripts intuitively and visually with BlueParq wizards without seeing any code (Diagram).

  • BlueParq Smart Editor: allows the users to write PowerShell scripts with IntelliSense.

  • BlueParq Square: users can share and find PowerShell scripts in the BlueParq online community.

Instead of delivering non-transferable and messy codes, the users are now able to make and find valuable BluePrints - intuitively designed PowerShell scripts that are easily shareable and transferable. BlueParq also recognizes what the users are working on and automatically help them to complete their tasks. If the users want to write their PowerShell scripts, they can use the BlueParq Editor with IntelliSense; all kinds of code editing features are included such as code completion, parameter info and more.

Daniel Nikolic, CTO of BlueParq says: “I believe we can take automating with PowerShell to the next level. How? By working together and sharing BlueParq BluePrints.
BluePrints are intuitively designed PowerShell scripts or parts of scripts that are shareable, transferable and tested by us on accuracy.’

About BlueParq

BlueParq is a part of the NiiN Group, a Dutch-founded corporation. Our guiding principle is that technology must always serve people, not the other way around. BlueParq is a new and innovative PowerShell tool that allows the users to write their PowerShell scripts without seeing any codes or making it possible to intuitively automate the admin tasks in PowerShell using ‘visual blocks’.

We are striving to expand our community globally. Together, we can assemble and exchange the best BlueParq BluePrints, and take automation with Windows PowerShell to the next level. More about BlueParq:

For more information:

BlueParq B.V


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