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BlueParq in 2019

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

To get your year off to a good start, we wanted to let you, the PowerShell heroes know what we work on every day. Firstly, we will cover how we got started with BlueParq. Secondly, we will elaborate on our most recent update. Thirdly, we will cover how we are planning to improve the user experience of our product and finally we will mention our goal to build a web version of BlueParq.

The idea of BlueParq started when our CTO Daniel Nikolic was working for a client who suffered when an angry ex-employee deleted all the Exchange Databases (and the Veeam Backup). One of the system administrators said he would write a script in Windows PowerShell to solve the problem and to prevent it from happening ever again. As a consequence the system administrator worked for days on the automation tasks. He would look on the internet for scripts for ages while trying copying, pasting and debugging. That’s how Daniel came up with BlueParq: Instead of writing scripts or copying and pasting different parts of scripts together, people should be able to just intuitively design them without seeing any code.

This is how we got started, on December 18th 2018 we released BlueParq In this most recent update of BlueParq we worked on several bug and crash fixes. Besides the bug and crash fixes we are also working on a complete visual overhaul which will optimize the user experience. Of course we will never lose our focus on software development but we believe that the user experience will help even more PowerShell Heroes with the creation of their PowerShell Scripts.

On the whole we have got some goals to work on in 2019. To put it briefly, we want to release a web version of BlueParq, complete with visual overhaul and API driven. To conclude: we hope to help out a lot of PowerShell heroes this year!

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